Monday, 19 March 2012

Order In!

I just placed my order with Nordic Needle for my material, some more needles and what I could tell are page 1's threads.

From what I understand about how these designs work is that you go from page 1 to the final page and start in the upper left corner and work your way down or across, whichever you feel more comfortable with. Either way you do them stitching a 10 x 10 square at a time. Do I understand correctly?

Hope I am not asking too many questions!


  1. I decided to order my threads what appears to be a page at a time, does anyone else do that?

    I went through page 1 and then the symbol pages and matched the symbols and numbers for that page. I think I got all of them, but I know I'll be ordering again and I will get what I missed, if any next time.

  2. I'm stitching or attempting to stitch 10x10 but I don't have all the floss yet either so I'm missing some. I do find myself just going with the color I'm using as far as I can then going back to the original 10x10 square and filling in from there. I'm enjoying it! Can't wait to see your progess pics.

  3. I'm just winging it. I am going to finish the first page and go from there.

  4. Lyn no such thing as too many questions!

    I start in the bottom left hand corner, as I stitch as though I am left handed (even though I am not). Top left is the most common start place. it's up to you, the direction in which you cross or make your stitches in will dictate where you are most comfortable stitching. That said, almost no one starts in the middle as the risk of a miscount to not have enough fabric is so high.

    As for threads, I just have mine in a case in order by number. You'll find that eventually you'll have so many of them memorized that its just easiest this way. (unless having them all together is overwhelming and then by a page might work)

    I dont' really stitch 10x10 a time. I start and go with whatever has the most area to cover first until I run out of thread and then move on from there. If you check out some HAED pics on my blog you can see what I mean.
    Some ladies like to stitch all of one colour on a page before switching. That scares me as I am not that good of a counter. I like to fill in and build on wherever I have started and what feels like a natural progression.

  5. Congratulations Lyn on getting your order in! I cannot wait to see your progress with your HAED...good luck!

  6. Thank you for the answering of questions, Mel.

    I am left handed.

    I thought I had heard someplace that if you tried to work an area bigger than 10 x 10 on these at a time that you would get lost and end up with errors. I have been trying the 10 x 10 method (more or less) on my last couple of projects. I think I will do alright if I work a bigger area than that at a time. It may depend on how many colors are in a given area. Even though I have never worked a HAED, I have done a few pretty big patterns. I am trusting everyone that it is best to start this on a corner rather than the middle.

  7. Mel,

    I hope to eventually have all of my necessary threads for my HAED on bobbins and in a bobbin box that I mean for just that project. I think I saw the perfect one at Nordic Needle and I think I put it on my wish list, not sure, but I need to wait to buy it for a bit. I put it on my wish list so I wouldn't have to hunt for it again when I was ready to buy...does that make sense?

    Yes, it does make sense to have your threads in numerical order. I have my DMC bobbin boxes in numerical order. I think I have a total of five or six DMC bobbin boxes in numerical order. Box 1 has blanc and ecru then DMC 150 through DMC 543. Then box two has the next number, which I believe is DMC 550 and runs through DMC 829. I believe I have all the usual DMC threads. I'd like to eventually have some of the other threads,and do have a few pearl metallic and so on, but not many, but I have time!

    Anyway, my point was I do understand putting the threads in numerical order and will do that with my HAED when I have all of them and the box to put them in.