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Hello there!
Please remember to only post your HAED (Mystic Stitches) updates and not your other stitching. By all means still post your HAED updates to your personal blogs as well.
Include the name of the design in your posts and use labels to make it easier for people for when they search through the blog.
Thank you!


  1. Okay, I am going to do my first HAED, and decided on doing Snow Leopard. I think I will try 22 count for the first one; I typically use 28 count, 2 over 2 for my stitching.

    Since the chart is all stitched, I assume using white or ivory would be easiest?

    Any recommendations on helping me be successful with this first try?

    Edie Sturdivant, Yuma, AZ

  2. White or ivory would be the best choice. Personally I use white but either would be good.
    Are you doing it 1 over 1 or 2 over 2?

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  4. So, the material I will buy for my HAED should be white? I was thinking of using 28 ct because I have never used 25 ct. I did stitch on 32 ct once and never want to do that again. If I stitch it on 25 ct, will that make the picture smaller a bit or a bit bigger than if I stitch it on 28 ct? Is it hard to see the holes for 25 ct, or easy, in the scheme of things?

    1. Hi Lyn, white is recommended because you will be covering the fabric, although some people use off white or ivory. If you are stitching 1 over 1, 25ct is definitely much easier. It will make it a bit bigger than 28ct but stitching on 25ct 1 over 1 is much easier.
      Hope this helps.