Monday, 30 April 2012

A Chance Encounter Update

I stitched 1260 X's this past week, for a total of 13890 X's.

I will be adding another HAED to start a rotation this week.  I will be starting on the new one today.  You can read about my new rotations on my blog if you like.  Thanks :)

Sunday, 29 April 2012

I have started HAED Sistine Chapel

I have got the first 200 stitches on the Sistine Chapel. I have been pushing myself for I am not a big liker of over one but I love HAED designs and so I will do it over one.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

I Started It!

I started stitching on "Life's Little Tangles" at the beginning of this week. I haven't completed very much. I am doing it on 25ct, over 1. Started doing it 2 threads thick and then showed Jack (DH) after got a series of stitches next to each other. I was asking him if it looked "too thick". He said he's not an expert on cross stitching, but that, yes, it seemed too thick. So I frogged what I had stitched thus far. Probably between 30 and 40 stitches. I have that much completed now, plus some. I did start in the upper left corner as suggested. The finished picture this way will be approx 18" X 15". Jack wants me to put this one, when done, on a prominent spot in out living room. He also wants me to enter the finished product in the fair. I told him it would have to be next year's fair. Our fair is in August. I seriously doubt I could complete this before August of this year. I haven't scanned any pictures yet.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Snow Leopard Update:
First, apology to all, but I am encountering some problem when I try to comment on someone's entry;  on a rare occasion, I can, but 99% of the time I can't.  Maybe someday I will figure out how to blog.

Thanks to all for comments on my dilemma with fabric showing with the black background.  I finally decided to frog the 1700 stitches I had done, and I am so glad that I went this direction.  I am using three threads (over 2 on 28 count) and I am much more pleased with the appearance.

I now have almost 2,000 stitches done and finally am getting to a new color (not black).  I will post a picture in a week or so -- right now it is just a black background.

This is my first HAED, but darn it is really addicting.  I keep getting drawn to it, and have greatly reduced the amount of time I am devoting to my other two WIPs, and it is painful to take time away to do things like dishes, dusting, laundry, etc.  Just what I didn't need, a new addiction.  This is fun (now, remind me I said that six months from now when I am weary of this project).

Keep putting up your progress notes and photos; and if I can ever figure out how to comment, I will; but know I read and enjoy each and every one.

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Almost forgot to post a picture of my progress on Sunday Delight.

Can you tell it's a banana LOL?

Cindy in MA

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Spirit Update

I am very pleased as I have managed to finish page one and page two which is a partial page.


You can just see the top of the ladies head lol.

Monday, 23 April 2012

ACE Update

Haven't stitched much over the last couple weeks, but here's what I have done.400 X's for a total of 12630 X's.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I have stitched at least one-third of the first page of this chart.  It has all been black, and is now getting some deep grape color added.  However, since the first 10x10 square, I don't like that you can see a little bit of white through all the black squares.  I have been on this blog, on the HAED bulleting board and blog, looked at Google Images at stitched HAEDs and I see a lot of this in many charts.  But it bugs me -- however, I have just kept on stitching.  Finally today, I decided to do one 10x10 with three strands of floss, instead of the two I have been using.  WOW, that made all the difference in the world, and is how I wanted it to look, so I have to do it this way.  I tried to go over the existing stitching with one strand, but it is too hard to see where the needle goes in all that tread that is the same color, sooooooooooooo I have started frogging every stitch that I had done in these past two weeks and will be starting all over again.  Don't know whether this chart is cursed or I am the one cursed, but this little cute cuddly leopard and I have been off to a very rough start.  This will be my fourth start.    But, I am committed and sticking to it.  Just hope I have enough years left to get this one done.  It hasn't proven very efficient yet, but I still have hope. 

Thanks for listening and sharing my pain.

Edie in Arizona

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Village Bookstore Progress Week of April 7 to April 14

I quit working on this early because I got so bored with black & navy blue that I wasn't stitching. I switched to Sundae Delight because the part I am working on is glorious bright YELLOW. Yeah.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Chaos rules- first stitching progress

How on earth did I manage to put the blogpost that was meant for my own blog here? I don't know, but have been looking for it everywhere:-) Honestly I'm quite relieved that I fixed things now (at least I hope I fixed things).

I did make a little start with faery tales. Not too much progress, but I am doing several projects at the time and never meant this one to be ready next month...rather the next decade. As you can see I started in the left top corner (usually I start in the center) and I only worked with dark blue up until now. But I'm glad I got everything kitted up, and started.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Dizzy Heights post #4

I finally got some work done on my HAED last night.  I worked about 370 stitches or more and found some frogs.  Luckily it was just one row of 10 that wasn't even finished. My brain went dyslexic for a few minutes but I caught it early, thank goodness!

I also got myself some handy dandy Q-Snaps.  11x17  
Much better then hoops!  I don't think I could work with lap stands as what little space is left over in the chair after my chubby butt gets in is usually occupied very quickly by a bouncy 3 year old.  Someday my poor fingers will be so calloused I will no longer feel the pricked fingers made by aforementioned bouncy 3 year old.  (I can hope right?)

Happy stitching everyone!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Green Man Cernunnos


I am really pleased as I managed to do 1200 stitches on it this week!
I am going to stitch on Spirit this coming week.

ACE Update

Here is my weeks progress. Another 1400 X's for a total of 12230 X's.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Snow Leopard -- Finally a start

Sorry about the picture, don't know why it is sideways, but that sums things up on how things are going.  Most people worry about finishing a HAED -- Heck, I haven't been able to start mine, but the third time proved to be a charm;  I had all my colors, and my fabric, but had to wait one month to get my chart.  Then I found out that I absolutely hate 22 count hardanger, so found some 25 count fabric, cut it and started to stitch;  I just can't get the knack of one over one, and I was frogging 3 stitches for every 1 stitch I did -- I know that doesn't seem possible, but I am sure that is what happened.  So I ordered new 28 count fabric in a size to stitch 2 over 2; the fabric arrived Friday evening, and I started stitching yesterday.  I laugh at the post about getting tired of purple -- know the feeling as mine is all black (except for 11 stitches) so far.  It is certainly a larger size that I wanted but since it is (only?) 300 x 223, it is not unmanageable.

Edie S

Happy Easter

This is my first week's progress on Village Bookstore by Randal Spanger.

I am doing this one as a SAL on one of my groups.

So far i really love it.

I started in the lower left hand corner

Done on 28 count mushroom lugana 2 over 2

Cindy in MA

Saturday, 7 April 2012

first HAED- getting ready for the start

Hi all,

I got my first HAED design in the mail  last week. I haven't started it yet, but I managed to get all floss together and divided my fabric into smaller 10x 10 blocks, at least for the first page. I'm going to stitch on 18 ct. aida. Not that i particularly like to stitch on aida- I love linen- but it is more difficult. As the design itself is already quite a challenge, stitching it on 32 ct. linen would  make it too much of a challenge.

Looking forward to see everyone's progress (and hopefully mine too:-))...

Monday, 2 April 2012

ACE Update

I'm not gonna put up pics of the past couple weeks I missed, you can see them on my blog, if you'd like to take a look.  It would just be too much. :)

Here is my current progress:  Finished page 1 & working on page 2. I stitched 3530 X's for a total of 10830 X's.

Spirit Storykeep


Stitched 1 over 1.

Starting to look much better now that the ladies head is starting to show. Nearly finished pages 1 and 2!
Lots of Kreinik #32 used in the white coloured areas. Not my favourite to use on 1 over 1!
I will be stitching on Green man over the next week.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Morning Glory

I finished pages 6 and 7 :)  I am enjoying working with the blues again...the black was beginning to get a bit boring.