Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New Start Witching Hour by Lisa Parker

Well I decided to put away Lavender Moon and SK Masquerade.  I just can't get the hang of stitching on linen.  Sometime I will start them up again on 18 ct Aida.  So I am stitching on The Witching Hour finishing the top two rows on the first page.  Not much to see since it is mostly black.  I have stitched 1993 stitches so far I have the first two rows done and now working on the third.  I started in the left upper corner of the pattern. There is still not a lot to see since it is almost all black. I am stitching this one with Ivory 18 ct Aida. I really am enjoying myself stitching this one. :)

Saturday, 2 November 2013

"Bast Cat"

Progress updated as of Nov 1st... still slow going but struggling through.

socialsue,  "Bast Cat, HAED