Sunday, 18 March 2012

Day 1, Dizzy Heights

OMG It's gonna take forever!

You can hardly see it, but I stitched over 10 under 10 around the whole of where the chart is supposed to cover.

Then I just stitched around where page 1 is going to cover. 

<This took me about 2.5 hours as kids kept bumping me and making me lose count and the darn things needed fed again.

  (I think I'm gonna lock myself in the bathroom for the duration).

 This little bit took about an hour, again kids bumping. 

<That whole little box is all of page 1.

Despite all my griping I am really enjoying this.  I am just dying to do more tonight but my eyes and my poor fingers cannot take anymore.

It is inevitable, when being bumped while stitching, to get pricked by the needle several times.   ;) 

I really admire those of you who do these HAED charts all the time.  You are inspiring!

Hugs to all!


  1. LOL....My kids do the same thing when I am stitching.

    Your progress looks great!

  2. Ah pricked fingers. I don't even have children to bump into me and I think I have permanent callouses on some of mine. lol.

    It's looking good! Don't be discouraged by the time yet, you'll likely get faster as you get more of a rhythm. (and maybe if you can find some time that the youngins are sleeping or chilled out to stitch it will help). :)

    1. I know I will. Most of my slowness is nerves. This is my first really big project.

  3. Don't go by how your work looks, go by how many 10 x 10 squares you complete. Many stitchers go by this method, and it is very satisfying every time you put a big 'x' through the 10 by 10 on your working copy :-)
    You have made a great start though!

    1. Thanks Kelly. I am not discouraged yet. I just had a taste of reality hit when I realized it wasn't going to be done in a week or two lol. I am loving it though and can't wait to get further along.