Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Update on Life's Little Tangles

Hello Everyone and sorry about so long between the posts. September was a beyond crazy month for me. The picture in the upper left corner is the progress as of August 27. The other picture is what the project looks like right now. I am more than half done with page two. I am uncertain if the progress I have made is considered like a lot or a little. Jack was wanting me to enter this into next year's Vermilion County Fair. He thinks I'd win the biggest prize. My problem with that is that I'd have to have this completely done and framed by early June and I am uncertain I can get it done by then. It has a total of 24 pages in the pattern. I started stitching this in eirther late June or early July I cannot remember which, but I don't know if I am getting it done fast enough for next year's fair. Do you think I might make it or should I shoot for the following year?

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